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Acerca de CaliforniaCULTours

Como guías de turismo con licencia desde 2000, hay muy poco que no sepa sobre California. Nosotros  disfruta compartiendo nuestro  conocimiento y experiencia con nuestro  clientes y son  orgulloso de haber recibido muchas referencias de mis clientes felices y satisfechos. Una guía de arte histórico con un experto en entretenimiento de aventuras le presentará y le permitirá descubrir el estilo de vida de Golden State. Explore nuestro sitio  para saber más sobre nosotros  y lo que nosotros  oferta. Tenemos muchas ganas de guiarte en tu próxima aventura.

Sunset Party
About Us: About

Elena, The Guide

Natural born for the History and Arts, she's an experienced Tour Guide at the most prestigious Museums around the World including The Vatican Museums. Russian,English,Italian and Spanish speakers.Elena decided to team up with an expert on images languages to make your experience richer. She can guide you and let you feel as a local.

Luca Photo Cinematographer.jfif

Luca, The Artist

Born in Rome, Italy and moved to the United States more than13 years ago. A well known Hollywood Cinematographer and a former Adventure Race Driver. Luca decided to bring his work’s experience with images in California by knowing well these places to those who want to be travellers, and love to discover the world through a unique perspective.

Our Heads Team


3650 Barham Blvd, Los Ángeles, CA 90068, EE. UU.

+1 (323) 366-0428

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